The “Friends” Guide to Graduation


Image Credit: Flickr/William Warby

“So there! All right? There’s your goodbye!”

The Monica

If there’s one thing to know about Monica, it is that she plans everything to the last minute (even fun time). And just like her, 21-year-old Lucille Befort is not leaving her post-graduation life to chance. Plan A: She will go to graduate school—preferably Sciences-Po in Paris, London School of Economics or KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. Plan B: Take a year off from school and work abroad (hopefully, New York) and then do apply to graduate schools afterwards. Plan C: She’d love to contribute to her parents’ business. At AUP, Lucille is majoring in global communications and minoring in international business administration. Before this, she was raised in a small town in French Alps where she studied in the French educational system, pursuing the literary path that focuses on French Literature, Philosophy, History, and Languages. Lucille learnt Spanish, English, Italian and Russian under this system, “I got my baccalauréat with mentions, and came to AUP after finishing high school.” It really can’t get anymore Monica than that!


Image Credit: Upsplash/Arnel Hasanovic

The Ross

After Chandler, Ross is the smartest person in the group. However, more often than not, he thinks with his heart (three divorces, come on). Colorado-born Hannah Johnson is exactly the same! After graduating from a Catholic elementary school, Hannah went on to public middle and high school. Before coming to AUP to major in comparative literature and minor in Latin and medieval studies, Hannah took Advanced Placement courses and was convinced she was heading through a science-related career path. However, after learning French and visiting France, she chose to move here. Hannah is currently working on her thesis, focusing on “The Homoeroticism in the works of Hildegard von Bingen.” After graduation, she will go on to graduate school in England, ideally The University of Edinburgh or University of York in the United Kingdom where she hopes to study the female homosexuality and its relationship with spirituality and divine. Eventually, Hannah wants to obtain a PhD in medieval literature (or Renaissance). “If I were smart, I would stay with my CDI and at the end of the next year, I’d be living here for five years so I’d be eligible for a citizenship, especially if I got my Masters at a French university. That would solve the problem of needing a visa for the EU; I’d be safe with a passport and a solid income,” Hannah said.

“I chose financial and national instability in the name of doing what I love.”

The Chandler

It all comes down to the question that cost Monica and Rachel their apartment—”What is Chandler Bing’s job?” Nobody really knows, but it has to do with finance and that’s basically who Rokhaya Wade will grow to be. Before coming to AUP in 2015 to study international finance and international economics, she got her International Baccalaureate diploma in Dakar. She always knew she wanted to study International Finance, but added the Economics after joining AUP. At AUP, she has worked as a student intern (with the Student Development office), a tutor, a student advisor and has been involved in several student clubs, one of which is Inspire Africa where she is currently the Vice President. “I like having a lot of things to do and not having time to myself because otherwise, I get bored,” she said. She’s been selected by the International Business Administration department to write an Honors thesis about the future and mechanisms and impact of the Franc CFA (the French West African currency) on the African continent. After graduation, Rokhaya wants to do an internship either in Paris or in Dakar and then go to Graduate school in the fall.


Image Credit: Upsplash/delfi de la Rua

The Phoebe

‘Free-spirit’ doesn’t even begin to define her. She’s just… well, Phoebe. Gloria Atanga found her way to AUP after graduating from a Turkish college in Cameroon. She wanted to study politics, philosophy and economics and minor in psychology, “That looks more like me.” she said. However, her parents strongly advised her to do finance, which she is currently focusing on. Post-graduation, she doesn’t have a direct plan towards achieving her goals but she has a vision of what she wants her future to look like. She’s applying to both graduate schools and jobs but is “open to whatever option.” Reflecting on her time at AUP, she said she never felt like she fitted in.

The Jochel

There are Joey and Rachel. And then there’s Felix Moukoko—Jochel. Before coming to AUP to major in business administration and minor in politics, the Cameroon-raised 20-year-old completed his Cambridge IGCSE diploma. Felix hasn’t yet figured out what he wants to do after graduation, but he is currently applying to graduate schools and internships. Like Joey, he is applying to a whole range of places, welcoming all possibilities, one of which is pursuing a career in Music. In 2017, Felix released his “Get It” EP, which is supported by several Music services including Apple MusicSpotifyTidal and Deezer. When asked about his music career, Felix said that his parents were unaware.

 “They’ll probably be against it (as) typical African parents,” he said.


Image Credit: Felix Moukoko

This article was first published on on January 23rd, 2018.


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